working hard at nothing

the most prized possession of a tzaddik is nothing.
I just made that up but it sounds good :) And it jives well with my learnings in the Notzer Hesed. The essence of the truest and deepest tzaddikim is in their attainment of Ayin, nothingness. It's a form of self-nullification to the will and reality of the all-pervasive G-d.

anyways, I was wondering this morning on the way to work about the purpose of computers. Why are they here? and I figured one of the best reasons is: As we advance the science of computers, we reach a point where there are few things people can do better than computers, without computers ever achieving any form of real 'consciousness.' So basically, all we can do that computers can't is be conscious. something we do without even really trying.

But I digress. the point is: computers humble us. I can write software that can figure out problems much more quickly than I could figure them out myself. I can even write software which can solve problems in ways that I may never understand. At some point, I can't say anymore that I'm in control of the software, or that I entirely understand what comes out of it. It certainly isn't doing things I didn't tell it to do.. but it is trying more variations than my brain could ever hope to encompass. It's varying those variations in ways that never occurred to me. What I can accomplish through computers is astounding, but how much credit can I take when it is beyond my mental capacity to comprehend?

At some point it becomes: How could I take credit for understanding or knowing things when I don't even know how it is that I understand? To make a long story short (too late!) computers are one of G-d's implements that will ultimately make us feel little, will allow the most brilliant and nothing-challenged among us to feel childish and sophomoric. (or even elementary)

In a sense the world moves from a childhood of powerlessness, to a maturity of control/power and then ultimately to a recognition of our true powerlessness, but this time with comprehension and appreciation for the kindness of G-d.

(Tzaddikkim just try and get ahead of the curve. Figure out their insignificance)


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