Renewing old eyes

I wondered what my car would look like a year or two from now... How could it look like the current old looking old models? I realised I could make my eyes see that. See new things as old .. I could take things that were new and fresh and pure and make them old and wasted.

But I stopped myself. If our eyes have the power to take time and vitality out of the equation, then they must have the power to replace them in the equation. It's not fantastic to see evil or negative in all things--that comes almost naturally.. Being seen in the natural progression of time. To see light in darkness and find the good in the seemingly evil.. That is a worthwhile endeavour.

Lo and behold, the old become young and all is refreshed. Beauty is apparent in what was once bland. The mundane is certainly certainly unique.

Every day we praise G-d that he remakes the world anew. It doesn't have to be just lipservice. It is in our hearts and mouths to do it.


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