Anonymous Represented Democracy

Here's a thought to play with:
What if a system would randomly assign people law-making capability. Everyone who wanted to would register and vote on any and all laws that need to be decided, and the system would take the votes of those who had been secretly assigned law-making power, and assess the legal decision.

The reason for anonymity (you don't even know if you wield any law-making power) is mainly so that it cannot be abused.

How does this differ from a system where everyone's vote is counted? Lobbying power and advertising would have less direct power in my system, I think. Also, each person's 'potential' voting power is much more than one in three hundred million. (in the case of the US) Again, motivating or mobilizing a particular political party to vote would have potentially less of a direct impact on the legal outcome.

If the assignment of law-making power was not completely arbitrary, any or all of these ideas may be violated.. in fact i'm not sure it would change anything --- other than eliminating the ability for power to corrupt :) (which in and of itself is a good thing.)


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