The (as yet) Unsynthesized Internet

I like where ~search~, the ~semantic web~, and the ~tagged web~ and all those ideas are going, but i'm getting awfully impatient that we aren't there yet.

Ridiculous point in case: I saw in my rss feeds that a two-faced kitten was born. There was no picture so i stopped by images.google.com where I happened to find that in recent history there were not one, but at least three (3) two-faced kittens born. (Named: Deuce, Image, and Gemini) A little more searching and all of them died shortly after being born even though veterinarians said they might live long lives.

Ok, did I really need to know about one two-faced cat, let alone all three? No. But should the internet have all that information organised and waiting at my finger tips if I got curious about two-faced cats? Yes. Was it indexed and readily available? No, instead I had to search for it.

When will reality meet my wishes?
Somehow we need to start tying information together in a big way--independent of presentation.


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