OSC trashes Star Wars

Wow, just read some crazy stuff over on kuro5hin about Orson Scott Card (OSC), and then i read this article by OSC. If anyone didn't think OSC is aware of how much proselytizing can and does happen through sci-fi, this article makes it clear. He really doesn't look at Star Wars objectively at all, he's on a mission to trash it. He has a kind of personal vendetta. I think the Star Wars ideology does hold water if you simply recognise in the movie that no one character is infalible. I also think there is no harm in it (the message does more good than bad). But OSC is foaming at the mouth for some reason.. (shrug)

he's actually starting to scare me a lil.. just a little, because i know he still thinks he's acting for the good. (but that can be the scariest kind of person)


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