the World Wide Foam

i've devoted excess thinking time to how to apply bitTorrent to mmop2p online worlds.. basically the idea is swarm in the data of the world so that it rezzes in incrementally..

it might be cool to limit such a world to certain primitives or atoms, like deformable spheres (i like to model in deformable spheres simply because i have a short attention span and i prefer to sketch than draw with detail and spheres offer that level of functionality in 3dspace to me) to see what people would do with it, and limit the kind/amount of info that would be swarmed around, let the interaction of the world be complex but the composition of the world be simple. Also, i think this would simplify the whole incremental rendering of such a world that is always swarming in in pieces, as needed.

Not sure how i would block out/off pieces in order to only download the pieces that are relevant to the user in the near-future, in order that the browser doesn't need to maintain the whole state of the whole world-- but i kinda want the whole state o the world to be maintained by all viewing it. Perhaps, the state could be partially determined/defined by the state of those swarming the world (ie. connected to pieces of it) so that it would be somewhat dynamic and immediate and have no over-all lasting existence.

Alternatively, one could view such a MMOSpace to be foamy where each user hosts their own (home) micronode and users visit and micronode-hop. I think the WorldWideFoam would be cool!!! Perhaps the ether between foam-bubbles could be the sort of dynamic-abstract space i spoke of above, but each micronode/bubble could have any kind of design limitations/esthetics/laws the creator/host chose. Again, alternatively, the rules of the bubble could be determined by the shared will of all the participants currently in the bubble...

I guess the overall goal here is to access the truly relative power of the internet as a cooperative dream. The challenge is to pull it off in such a way that mobs don't herd or stampede.. essentially intelligent/creative mobs of people creating/dreaming together.


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