Is glass a liquid???

My parents know quite a lot, and i generally believe them when they tell me things, glass has properties of a liquid, i know they taught me that.. which makes me wonder whether they are wrong about this.

Technical terms aside, if left on it's own over a long enough time scale will or won't glass flow??

I'm trying to understand whether the urban legend is:
  1. that glass is 'classified' as a liquid or
  2. that glass flows over long (long long) periods of time.
In summary, does glass flow but not enough to qualify it as a liquid? Or does glass not flow over time? (Or do all non-crystalline solids flow over a long enough time scale?)

**also, to the debunkers who claim thin-at-the-top-thick-at-the-bottom glass in antique windows is a result of an old standard glass-creation process, show me (or even tell me there exist) antique windows where they are thick-at-the-top-thin-at-the-bottom and i see no reason not to believe you.
[i posted this here instead of emailing questions to the site's author because the site's author's email no longer functions]


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