lessons from a little girl

My niece was very confused the other day, she explained to her mother: "I don't understand what happened, I prayed for rain in Israel and it didn't rain."

Such genuine belief that one's prayers will be answered is adorable, but more than that, it's a lesson to the rest of us. If we really believe that HaShem has control over even the smallest details of the world, why don't we believe He will answer our prayers right when we pray for them?  [see your prayers are always heard]

The only reasonable answers you can offer are either: (1) We don't deserve our prayers to be answered or (2) He answers them at a time of His choosing because He knows better than we do.

(1) The first argument is spurious, compared to HaShem we don't deserve anything, but we are taught that His Kindness is Infinite, He provides for us even though we don't deserve anything, so why should what we pray for be any different?

(2) The second argument is addressed by Rebbe Nachman, who explains that our prayers come to fruition when we expect them to. So, if we don't expect them to be answered now, there's no telling when HaShem will answer them. The 'when' is an integral component of our tefillot. [see eyes on the prize]


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