a dollop of honey

Weeks ago, late at night, I was driving home from work in a hurry, and on my way out of the compound where I work, I spotted a twenty shekel note at about 100 meters. I stopped the car and picked it up, sure enough it was a 20 shekel bill. (Equivalent to about $5.70) It was such an unusual event it stuck with me, it taught me that if HaShem wants you to have money there's always a way for you to receive it. As ridiculous as it sounds every time I drive by that spot, I look to see if there's another 20 shekel lying there, even though logic says chances are money will never show up in that exact spot again.

This effect, where a positive experience means we will always associate a place or thing with that positive experience, is extremely powerful. It's the first time I've ever seriously appreciated the minhag of putting a dollop of honey on a child's first chumash or siddur.


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