you have to visualize to realize

On Shabbat Chazon it's important to realize we can't see the world clearly. Rebbe Nachman explains that the sun shines with the same brightness all day, but during the night we can't see it because the world is hiding the sun from us. In the same way the light of the Torah is the brightest light in all of creation, but the world hides it from us.

How do we solve this problem? Simple, R' Nachman says if we look away from the world (wordliness) we can see the light of the Torah. This is the true light. 

Elsewhere Rebbe Nachman explains that the light of the Shabbath is the light of the Beit HaMikdash, so it seems to me that it is on Shabbath Chazon that we can most clearly be aware of the painful loss of the Beit HaMikdash. We have all this light, but it has no place to dwell in this world. We want and miss the lack of a vessel in which to store this beautiful light of Shabbath.

Rebbe Nachman also explains that if we don't look to HaShem to provide for us in the right time, then our blessings will still come but not in the most opportune times, not when we really need it. 

It would seem that Shabbat Chazon is the Shabbat where we can look beyond this world, hoping and expecting to receive the Beit HaMikdash once more. This is the meaning of Shabbath Chazon that we are granted a vision of the Beit HaMikdash. Not that it is a glimpse of the future, but that we are granted the ability to really look to HaShem to provide the Beit HaMikdash for us now

May HaShem open our eyes, and may we see with all our longing the Beit HaMikdash sitting on Har HaBayit. Now. In our days. (In the world to come all our days will shine as one, rather than this world where each day takes its own individual time to shine.) In our "days" is now, when the Beit HaMikdash is revealed.

Furthermore it seems unusual that in our tefillot we always mention the Beit HaMikdash before mentioning Moshiah (Tishkon (ie. Mishkan) b'toch Yerushalayim..V'Kiseh David (Moshiah) l'Tocha Tachin.) even though we seem to have this expectation that Moshiah must come first and build the Holy Temple. Perhaps the explanation is this: In our prayers we reference the final Shabbat Chazon in which we see the Temple first, and then Moshiah comes, and builds it.

First we need to have the vision, the inspiration, the foresight to bring about the Beit HaMikdash, once we have the vision, then HaShem sends the Moshiah to realize that vision.

May HaShem open our eyes that we may visualize the goal.

Shabbat Chazon Shalom!


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