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When we learn with our children, their ability to absorb what we are teaching is directly related to how excited we are both to be learning with them and for them to learn and understand. (Iggeret HaKodesh 15)

We can apply this idea to learning Torah as well. When we sit in front of a sefer, we are sitting down to learn with God. Now there are two ways to strengthen this connection and therefore improve our Torah learning and understanding:

(1) By being excited about learning together with HaShem, we awaken (figuratively) HaShem's excitement to learn with us.

(2) By recognizing that HaShem deeply cares about us and is excited to learn with us, this in turn arouses our own excitement to learn with HaShem.

So these two methods create a feedback loop that reinforces our enjoyment and our comprehension of Torah study. It is no wonder that the true Talmidei Hachamim find nothing as enjoyable as learning Torah, and at once have such a depth of understanding when they learn.


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