light up your face

When you perform a mitzwah, think about what parts of your body are involved in performing that mitzwah.

Try to find a way to serve HaShem with each part of your body every week if not every day.

Start with the general breakdown of the body (head, body, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg) and grow more specific (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, thumb, knee, etc) as the avodah becomes easier and more natural.

In our generation, because so many of us have been here so many times before, and because these bodies will (God-willing) be our last bodies, it's so important to purify and refine them. (our bodies)

Every time we have a holy thought it's so important to bring it down to the level of physical expression, to involve our bodies in this holiness -- if you can't find a natural way to express it, at the very least speak the holy thought out loud, or write it down, express it in a song or dance, or even just clap your hands at the joy of having it -- anything to get it out, bring the light of it down here.

It's really dark outside, don't let it stay that way.


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