Nisan day 8

Today is the 8th day, representing the month of Cheshvan. Today the Nasi of the tribe of Menasheh inaugurated the Mizbeach in the Mishkan.

Cheshvan is generally known as the only month without special days in it. To me this means the essence of the month of Cheshvan is Shabbath. Shabbath is the highest of all the holy days as well as the essence of the world to come. Yes, there are many teachings about which holidays will remain in the time of the coming of Moshiah and afterwards, but EVERY day will be like Shabbath. Perhaps this is why Shabbat before Pesach, the Chag representing the redemption is called Shabbath HaGadol, the Great Shabbath.

Today is a good day to focus on HaShem's constant presence and how he constantly provides for all our needs. Today is a day to recognize that our role is to make our every act a testament to the fact that HaShem created the world (and continues to create and recreate it constantly.)

[Rav Ginsburgh on inner.org teaches that Cheshvan represents the most elevated and refined spiritual sense, smell, and that the tribe of Menasheh (מנשה) has the same letters of the word Neshamah, soul. (נשמה)]

May we all achieve true simple emunah in the merit of Menasheh firstborn son of the holy brother Yosef haTzaddik, speedily... today.


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