praying from the depths of your heart

Really pouring out your heart is a very difficult concept to relate to without a good analog. At first it seems like it's very simple to imagine -- but what we are actually imagining is something super-human and nothing we could be expected to do every... single... day. 

On the other hand when we find a good example we can all relate to, then suddenly pouring out your heart becomes possible, even easy, even fun: 

Take your pick, there's singing or dancing. Either one works to understand this idea.

We all know what it's like to sing half-heartedly, you execute the song as required, but with no feeling, it doesn't move you and it Align Leftwon't move your audience. On the other hand, I imagine everyone has, at one point in their lives or another, sung with so much energy that we inspired/touched/affected ourselves through our song. It's not so hard to do, just a matter of feeling like the song is expressing you. When you find the right song, and you're in the right mood, you belt it out, and it's effortless, you want to sing more and more and never stop.

When the song moves you, you sing, and your song moves you all the more. (The same is true with dancing.)

Anyways, we might have never been moved by prayer -- but I don't believe you've never been moved by song. If you've been moved by song, then you know what it feels like to be moved by prayer. You know what it feels like to pour all of your being into something.

Now you are ready to pray.


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