whatever you do, don't be proactive!

When you are stuck in mochin d'katnut, (feeblemindedness) act with a rosh katan, (be reactive, not proactive--) just stick to Torah and mitzwoth until HaShem illuminates the way.

Otherwise you might fall into "trying to figure things out" mode (ie. initially mild depression) when your brain is barely functioning, and you will only spiral down from there.

This thought brought me to a chidush: 

The Mei Shiloah (parashath Balak) explains that a Jew has the potential to always know what HaShem wants from him right now. 

Obviously the Jew didn't sit down and 'figure out' what HaShem wants, HaShem's ways of thinking are totally beyond us. So, how does a Jew find out what HaShem wants from him or her right now? We ask Him! We cry out and say: HaShem, I can't possibly do it on my own, help me! Make it clear to me HaShem!!


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