tapping in

This week has been a grueling muddle. One of those times where everything seems just a little bit challenging and every little event that pops up saps just a bit more of your quickly waning energy. And right in the thick of it, the Netiv Mitzwotecha (Emunah 4:4) reminds me of the basics:

When you are caught up in the middle of a throng of challenges, and you feel unequal to the task of overcoming it, the only way to raise up all those dinim is to shine the light of Torah on them. When we sit and learn and delve to the heart, the innermost part of the Torah through simply learning l'shma (loosely translated: for the sake of heaven) then the heavens open up and the angels ride upon the letters and words of our Torah like chariots, the inhabitants of the upper worlds rejoice, and the sweet warm light of Torah floods out upon all of our challenges.

Put simply, losing yourself in learning brings us back to basics, refocuses us, connects us with the truth once again. Just as HaShem has brought us this far, He will carry us further still.


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