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In the beginning of the movie 'Enter the Dragon,' Bruce Lee explains part of his martial arts philosophy, that one trains until the art becomes part of the body's nature:
When my opponent expands, i contract. When my opponent contracts, i expand, and when there is an opportunity..i do not hit(shakes fist), it hits all by itself.
As we know, each of the 248 positive commandments correspond to one of the 248 limbs, and the 365 negative commandments correspond to the 365 sinews.

Perhaps we can take a lesson out of Bruce Lee's book. Mitzwoth and their performance must be so precious and so ingrained within our nature, that each limb and sinew drives us to perform its mitzwah.

Only through careful repeated intentional performance of each and every mitzwah can we refine our bodies to the point where our bodies are drawn to perform the mitzwah in and of themselves.

At which point the mitzwoth become our body as much as our body can be said to be so. This is one of the ways to fulfill the commandment to 'cleave' to HaShem.


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