tell it to the big man

Rebbe Nachman explains that if you are having difficulty in life, sometimes it helps to go to a respected individual, [regardless of the field of their particular achievement, whether it be financial, political, academic, religious, artistic, musical, etc] and share your problems with them. In relating to them your problems, if you can arouse their mercy, then oftentimes it arouses mercy in the heavens as well, and your problems will be dispatched.

In my humble understanding of the Torah, this person's greatness is the smallest glimpse of HaShem's greatness, and so when you are talking to them, and arousing them, you are really talking to that tiny little spark of HaShem's greatness that He imparted to them. If you awaken their mercy, you are awakening that spark of Godliness in them, and then surely Shamayim will cascade with HaShem's infinite mercies.


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