the sweetness of elimelech

Today is the Yahrtzeit of the Noam Elimelech. I practically live by the following quote:
Rebbe Elimelech himself is quoted as saying “It is a wonder that the Rabbis saw through divine inspiration that the final generations would suffer so terribly and didn’t they know that Elimelech would come and nullify and sweeten the harsh decrees?” (Nesiv Mitzvosecha Emunah 4:8 also in Eser TzachTzachos #35)
[from http://www.613.org/noam/introduction.htm]
No matter what people tell me about the awful things that seem about to befall (has v'shalom) the world and/or the children of Israel, I have never once felt that such was the truth. Every single indication I've ever received from HaShem in prayer or dream has always been about His love and compassion for us. Perhaps it is this quote from Reb Elimelech that explains it all.


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