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I've started blogging my daily meditations in tefillah, because it's the most essential part of my day, and because I don't have time always to break down my learning into bite-size postable tidbits.

In the interim, and hopefully even when I get back to blogging Torah, I will try to sum up a new aspect of my tefillah every day; may HaShem grant us all newness in our tefillah always.

There may be those people who voice a question or idea that Rav Shlomo Carlebach explained: When a relationship is spoken about, (to people who are outside the relationship) it greatly cheapens and takes away from the relationship.

How is this tefillah blogging different? I'm not telling you about my relationship with HaShem, only sharing with you some of the insights that come along the way. More importantly, I'm only sharing them as a means to allow others to think more about tefillah in a new way, from a new perspective, and to develop their own relationships with HaShem.

Think of each tefillah blog as roshei perakim, just the table of contents to what we can make of our tefilloth. If anyone thinks this is a really bad, misguided, foolish, or egotistical idea, please set me straight.


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