kohanim at kivrei tzaddikim

Lately I've noticed a number of people raising the issue of Kohanim visiting Kivrei (graves of) Tzaddikim. I don't know anything on this topic, just wanted to add some anecdotal evidence, in the sefer Toldot Ha'Ari it is clear that the Arizal ordered the Kohen (Kohanim?) that was (were) in his presence to leave the room before his passing.

Perhaps the death of Tzaddikim still involves a problem for Kohanim, or perhaps the Arizal was unwilling to take for granted that he was a Tzaddik? (Note that despite this potential explanation of humility, the Holy Arizal did give his followers specific instructions on the preparation of his body for burial, including the fact that his body would immerse itself in the mikvah and they were not permitted to immerse it for him. So, it doesn't appear that it was an issue of modesty.)

Update: I had the priviledge of asking Rav Yisrael Avihai (Rosh Yeshivat Hamekubalim in the old city of Yerushalayim) about the Arizal's position of kohanim visiting the graves of Tzaddikim. He said it was forebidden.


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