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Dixie Yid brought down from the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh yesterday that our level of enjoyment (עונג) in the next world is directly related to our enjoyment of mitzwoth and Torah (and HaShem) in this world.

A Simple Jew also mentioned the crisis of men whose wives are in nidah.

I wanted to learn zchut on klal Yisrael, so this morning in my tefillah I had an insight into both of these matters, and they are directly related.

Know that the relationship of a husband and wife is a taste of the world to come. This we can see in a number of ways, but most simply in that the name of the most intimate act between husband and wife is both Bi'ah and Da'ath. Bi'ah from the root of בא (to come, as in Olam HaBa, the world to come) and Da'ath meaning knowledge. (והאדם ידע את חוה אשתו) Da'ath is the attribute that enables one to connect to HaShem and reveal and know Him. The world to come is described as מלאה הארץ דעה את השם - the world is filled with knowledge of HaShem.

Let's take it a step further. When a husband and wife consummate their marriage and bear a child, they are drawing HaShem's light more clearly into the world than is possible in any other context. Today's Tanya says outright that pregnancy and birth is a revellation of the Infinite Light in this world.

Conversely, the potential to bear children that is unfulfilled, is similar to the destruction of the Holy Temple, and so when a wife is in nidah she is separated from her husband just as Bnei Yisrael is in exile from HaShem. (language that is used a number of times in Tanach) [Not to imply chas v'shalom that a person is held accountable in the same way as in destroying the Beit HaMikdash, but rather that there is a parallel] In such a situation one has an oppurtunity to really feel the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash and the Galut on an individual level, and so one is also uniquely able to pray on behalf of the Shechinah and the Am, that our Galut should be shortened and sweetened.

So in short, all those who are able to enjoy their marriage, will simillarly enjoy the world to come. This is in addition to all those who are able to find joy in HaShem directly; Marriage is a tool uniquely geared and designed directly by HaShem to allow one to achieve tremendous closeness with Him in this world and the next.

In matter of fact, a Karbon (קרבן an offering meant to bring one closer to HaShem) is called by the same name as a wife, אישה, as in ריח נחוח אישה להשם - a pleasing scent offering, a fire to HaShem. In this sense shalom bayit is itself a constant offering before HaShem.


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