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Last Shabbath Rav Aharon Bina (Rosh Yeshivah of Netiv Aryeh) spoke (at my brother Yaacov's shabbath hatan) about how the essence of our avodah nowadays must be tzedakka, he quoted the Baal HaTanya who repeats many times the importance of tzedakka in our time. (in his igrot kodesh which we learn now in the yearly cycle)

It got me thinking that there are many kinds of tzedakka in this world. But what tzedakka can we do with HaShem directly? He lacks nothing. Well, the Talmud tells us that everything is in the hands of Shamayim except yirath shamayim, fear of Heaven. So, one kind of tzedakka we can do for HaShem is to have proper yirah. But, the Tanya teaches that if we truly love HaShem then we must love what He loves. What does He love? Us. How do we do tzedakka with ourselves? What's the ultimate tzedakka that is both for us and for HaShem?

HaShem is already doing all of the best things for us, but we don't always get to see His plans until they are fully executed, while they are still unfolding, sometimes we think we are left to our own devices.

Emunah is the only way to do tzedakka simultaneously with ourselves and with HaShem. We give HaShem our emunah, our blind faith that His plans are unfolding constantly to bring us everything we need, and we are doing tzedakka with ourselves by improving our relationship with HaShem and giving us tools towards a more productive life.

The proof is of course in the Tanach: Tzaddik b'emunato Yichyeh - a tzaddik lives through his emunah. The most basic tzedakka is living with emunah.


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