walking one's path

The Be'er Mayim Chaim (R' Tal Zwecker) brings down a story:
I heard the following Mashal or parable from a Bostoner Chassid in the name of the Bostoner Rebbe of Bet Shemesh Shlit"a:

There were once two gold prospectors who came to dig for gold. They dug on opposite sides of the mountain. One was very quick and he was telling the others to dig here and , while the cries of joy and delight could be heard from over the mountain. The other was very exacting and careful. He cautiously measured and studied the terrain and made careful calculations as to where to dig. All this took some time during which the constant shouts of joy at success were heard from over the mountain, disheartening the men. The prospector finally decided on the correct spot and gave the order to drill and dig.

This continued for some time over the course in which the continuous successes over the mountain were heard while the men on this side kept drilling and digging without any measure of success. Nonetheless the prospector was adamant "Keep drilling", was the order.

Finally after much effort, hard work and exertion when they final hit the "motherload" they discovered that they were much richer and had uncovered a much greater treasure than their fellow men over the mountain with their small constant successes.

The parable is: While Bekiyus study here and there is immediately rewarding, you keep up interest, you learn a good vort here and a nice pshetel there. While constant review of one Mesechta can seem arduious hard and tiring. However if you keep at it eventually you will strike the motherload.
It seems to me that, in all humility and with great respect both to the Bostoner Rebbe and R Zwecker, this parable can be more accurately applied to following and discovering one's own particular derech.

While other people may seem to make more success in their different derachim, in the lives that HaShem has determined for them, we must stick to our own personal derech, the one appropriate to our own life which HaShem has determined for us. If we do this, then we will see, only through time and effort we will strike the motherload.

Otherwise we are liable to get caught up in the appearance of the lives of others, and the "grass is greener" syndrome.


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