on geulah

Three interesting things about geulah:
  1. The Noam Elimelech said that each person experienced geulah according to his level when the Jews left Egypt. The higher one's spiritual level, the more spiritual one's redemption was.
  2. He also said that Tzaddikim have a responsibility to be living in geulah even now in the midst of the galut.
  3. Yesterday morning I saw for the first time, that the final geulah would be like the one from mitzrayim, not a flight from somewhere but a triumphant wonderous sight to behold. (R' Avraham Azulai (as well as the Noam Elimelech) brings down in Hesed l'Avraham that the miracles during this final geulah will be greater by far than the ones in the time of the geulah from mitzrayim.)


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