sheathing the sword

The tetragramaton, (a fancy english word for the hebrew name of God known as שם הויה or YHVH) dwells within an outer wrapper. It is the job of the Tzaddik, to draw down this inner essence, into (appropriate) vessels that will contain it. This Name is also called, HaShem's Kavod, His honor.

It was for this very reason that man received the Torah and not Angels, because man, unlike Angels, has an externality, a hitzoniuth, that was created to clothe HaShem's inner essence, His Honor.

That's why the Angels says "ברוך כבוד ה' במקומו" - blessed is HaShem's [Name which is called] Honor in its place [within the externality of physicality]

(Noam Elimelech פרשת וארא)


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