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The Shechinah is called the Gate to HaShem (זה השער לה' צדיקים יבאו בו) because all the blessings that God sends down to the world, He sends by way of the Shechinah and all the offerings that we offer up to HaShem go up to HaShem via the Shechinah. So we find that the Shechinah is the messenger between Israel and HaShem. (Notzer Hesed - Avot:3)

This is interesting because normally we say about the Shechinah that She is דלית לה מגרמא She has nothing of Her own. (loose translation) So it is said of the Shechinah that She is related to the letter דלת daled. (ד) But this offers us a new insight that perhaps דלית לה מגרמא can also be that she is a דלת she has a door of Her own.


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