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The Notzer Hesed explains the following mishnah in Pirkei Avot:
רבי חנניה בן תרדיון אומר, שניים שהיו יושבין, ואין ביניהן דברי תורה--הרי זה מושב לצים, שנאמר "ובמושב לצים, לא ישב" תהילים א,א. Rebbe Naninah ben Teradion says, Two people who were sitting and between them there were no words of Torah, this is what Tehillim calls a "gathering of fools".
He shares that when two people sit together, and their common love for one another and excitement to learn from one another's Torah draws out of them divrei Torah, then the Shechinah also comes to hear these words of Torah. Whereas, if these two people sat and learned Torah, each on his own, and there is no words of Torah between them, then this is truly a gathering of fools. They are busy with the Torah but haven't taken its lessons to heart. (This perhaps relates to Hillel who said that the essence of Torah is Love your neighbor as thyself.)

[This is partially in response to Shimon's desire to leave/pause his involvement in the Jewish Blogosphere. (for the best of reasons)]
To my mind, this relates to the Blogosphere in a very major way. When each one is isolated and on his/her own, then it's a world full of solipsistic individuals, but when there is a dynamic interwoven conversation that spawns new and resonating Torah, then the Shechinah descends to observe the Holy discussion.

Hope everyone had an excellent Pesah exodus, let's shine more Torah into this world together.


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