receiving a gift

It's always hard for me to get excited about presents, because even if I appreciate the thought that went into it, I rarely feel like I really needed or wanted the gift I just received. If it is something nice, then I try to show the person I'm genuinely happy about the gift, but its hard especially when it's something nice, but not something overpoweringly nice. Imagine if every day you received a gift from the person you cared about most, that showed that they know you and care about you and know just what to give you to make you feel over-joyed and loved.

Day to day life doesn't seem to work that way. Whenever something is unknown to us; When we are stuck waiting, many of us have a tendency to fear the negative potentials of the future. We think in terms of traffic, tickets, accidents, and any other inconveniences. On the other hand when we know that something good is coming our way, we get excited and have difficulty calming down or containing ourselves.

At any moment at all in our lives, we have the ability to be excited about the good that is about to befall us. There are so many teachings that everything that HaShem does for us is good, but we aren't always granted the ability to see how or why it is good for us. Nonetheless, the knowledge and emunah that what is coming to us is good for us is a certainty.

When we open ourselves up to pray, to stand before HaShem, we don't have to come in supplication, fearing everything that may befall us and asking God to be our salvation. We can come to prayer instead to thank HaShem and share with him our joy at everything he is about to give us.


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