that little voice in your head

On פרשת ויקרא (VaYikra 1:1) the Maor Eynayim explains that the small א (aleph) in the first word, ויקרא teaches us that God shrinks (by way of צימצום) himself down to fit inside each one of us, and calls to us all to do teshuvah, to return to HaShem, we just don't always recognise that call.

To my limited understanding, in the passuk, the call is to Mosheh, because Mosheh represents the da'ath, the connection with God. So God is calling to the part of each of us that is meant to connect.

The important message here is that God is calling to each of us all the time. We have to call back, to make the connection. (see the last post about calling HaShem through Torah.)


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