a good day

The past couple of years, I've started to get a sense for the state of the current day. I can generally divide when I'm having a good day and when the world is having a good day. Ditto for the reverse. I can generally tell when there is something external about the day that is influencing my mood, and when it comes from something internal.

Today is a day full of light. From the moment I woke up, I knew today was a special day. There was so much light, that I didn't believe my watch the first, second and third times I checked it. Today is a good day. I spent thirty minutes more in prayer than I normally do, just because it was such a joy to pray today. The words came easily, my mind was sharp and clear, able to focus on the meanings, desires, and intentions of my prayers.

Zchus Avos says that today was the Pachad Yitzhak's yahrtzeit, also the Chatam Sofer's.

The simplest reason why today is so good though, is it's Adar, the month of happiness, and today is the seventeenth day. In hebrew that's יז, and 17 is the gematria of the word טוב - good.

Today is such a good day.
I learned over Purim, that Adar is a month of Teshuvah, just like Elul, when you think about it, it's obvious, Nisan is the real start of the year, and Adar is the month preceding it. The difference is this: In Elul we do teshuvah - תשובה - repentance out of Fear. In Adar we repent out of Love!!!


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