spiritual gifts in physical costumes

How is it that Rivkah went behind Yitzhak's back and told Yaakov to steal the berachah that was Yitzhak intended for Esav?
Yitzhak intended to bless Esav with this world. (physicality) Yitzhak intended to bless Yaakov with the world to come. (spirituality) Rivkah wanted Yaakov to have of this world in addition to the world to come. But Rivkah was a Tzaddeketh, so how could she have even cared about the physical world? (As Tzaddikim have no thought for physicality. )

Obviously, She didn't.

All physicality wouldn't exist without the sparks of Godliness within it that give it life, Rivkah was concerned that that holiness wouldn't be given to Esav. She wanted to make sure all the spirituality went to Yaakov.

(Noam Elimelech parashat Toldoth)


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