Just a short insight that I stopped to relearn today, from the Maor Eynayim. (Parshath Yitro)

He says that in order to serve God, we first have to split the sea of wisdom, the vast body of wisdom in the heavens. Until we split it, we cannot enter it and begin our journey in the service of HaShem. This, the event of the splitting of the Red Sea, coincided with Bnei Yisrael's splitting of the yam hahochmah, the sea of wisdom, and it was through this that they were able to receive the Torah only a few days after leaving Egypt and idolatry behind them. (Remember that the revellation of Sinai was a the highest level of divine revellation on earth. Not just anybody can receive that kind of prophecy, you need to be worthy.)

Anyways, it's a good thing to think about during Az Yashir in your shacharith prayers.


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