recycling the heavens

Yaakov Avinu used the secret of tefillin to create new worlds, so that the harsh dinim (judgements) of the long and difficult exile could be sweetened.

This, the Noam Elimelech explains, is how Tzaddikim overturn God's judgements, by recreating the heavens, recreating the whole world, a new world, such that the judgements of past worlds become out-moded and meaningless.

Similarly, earlier in his commentary, he explains that a Tzaddik (through his prayer) can rectify a whole world each day.

Taken together these teachings imply that not only does HaShem renew the world every day, but the Tzaddikim do as well.

In yet another of his teachings, Tzaddikim recognise that all of their accomplishments are direct actions of HaShem having little to do with themselves. Taken together, God renews the world every day through the prayers of the Tzaddikim.


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