mirror neurons of the world

Fight with the world and the world fights back. Chill out and the world chills out. It definitely seems like that sometimes, that the world interacts with us in the exact same way in which we react with it.

You're not imagining it, the world really works that way.The Noam Elimelech explains why: God has many different attributes or means of expression. Similarly we were created btzelem elokim in His image, and so we have the same attributes. When we act with a particular midah (attribute) we draw down God's influence through the same midah. There's nothing else to it.

Tzaddikim, because they always act with kindness and mercy, bring down HaShem's kindness and mercy on the whole world. We do too, but sometimes we don't live up to our potential and God forbid, bring down other far less-pleasant attributes.

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