nothing (at) all

דכל הדברים הם אצל השי"ת בכח - everything exists in the context of God in potential. This is the Noam Elimelech's explanation of Avraham avinu's famous phrase: במה אדע - how will I know? He explains that Avraham wasn't asking how can I know that this covenant will go unbroken, how could he be, God had just promised him! Instead, he was asking how will I make it known to the world?

I'd like to go back to the first statement above: everything exists in the context of God in potential. That's a landmark phrase. I think so many things would have been so much simpler to me growing up if someone had explained it like so. The realm of God is the realm of infinite potential. This world is the world of limited reality. The work of the Jews is revealing the infinite potential of God that has been clothed and hidden in this thing we call the 'actual', the real.

Inherently we will always be fighting this battle, the battle of Avraham, the battle of revealing the infinite, the true potential that is repeatedly lost in the face of what is possible, what is actual, what is real. Ironic since God is the only real. Nothing else exists in his context. We are all returned to the potential.

I couldn't phrase the backwardness of the world any more simply than to say: We think that what is actualised is real and what is potential as unreal. In reality, potential is real, everything else is a lie.

Of course translating this into something meaningful to each of our own lives is stupendously complicated, but to those of us out there who don't have anything between between real-life and meta-cosmology, it's a big comfort.


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