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Re: Shtreimel's post:
In other words, only if I want to believe that a god exists, can I be proven, and only if he wants to believe that a god does not exist will I be able to provide substantive logic for his taste.

The question remains then. What gives?
רחמנא לבא בעי - according to Torah, life isn't a mind game. HaShem wants our hearts.

Love and devotion aren't rooted in logic, they're rooted in letting go of logic.

If you think about compromise, it's always the person who has a better and clearer understanding of a situation that has to capitulate to the one who has a less clear understanding. The confused person is less conversant, less agile with said piece of knowledge.

Superior logic only puts you in a more submissive position. That is the essence of אזהו חכם הלומד מכל אדם - who is wise? he who learns from every one. Similarly Hochma is achievable solely through humility. The one who would see most clearly, must be the most willing to bend.

The true Talmid Hacham doesn't give you the חומרה; (the strict ruling) he bends the Torah's superior intellect to find a כולה (lenient ruling) for you to live your life the way you are capable of living it.

This is why the Tzaddik decrees and HaShem upholds; because the greater intellect compromises with the lesser.

He doesn't want our heads in the sand.. He wants our heads to serve our hearts. Again, the greater intellect compromising with the lesser.

The head awakens and excites the heart, the head empowers the heart, and the heart serves it's creator.

[On a side note: In a way, if you look at it right, Rebbe Nachman's story, The Sophisticate and the Simpleton, (mentioned in this previous post) is a story about the mind and the heart. The intellect seeks to understand everything, and invests its energy in the most favorable things. The heart seeks to perform all its deeds in simplicity. To be excited at each and every thing.

In the end the intellect is lost, and comes to the heart full of subtle theories, ideas, and general confusion. The heart tells the intellect what is (obviously) true.]


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