princes and paupers

The Maor Eynayim from Chernobyl, in his commentary on parashath Shemoth, brings R'Shimon in masechet Shabbat 111a:
כל ישראל בני מלכים הם - all of Bnei Yisrael are sons of kings
He explains, R'Shimon truly entered the gate of yirah, awe of God, and was on such a level that, like the son of a king, he was freely welcomed into all of the King's (ie. God's) chambers. He was on such a level that when he looked at others it appeared that they too were on this level.

The Rabbis didn't hold by R'Shimon's oppinion, when it came to determining the halachah (the way) because this is not the way of the world, the Maor Eynayim concludes.

Even though we aren't on R'Shimon's level, I need to add that it is so important in the here and now to treat those around us with the utmost respect, because, although we aren't on the level to perceive it, they really are the sons and daughters of the King of kings.

In the Talmud the nations actually acknowledge this basic truth: in the discussion I translated and quoted part of the other day, while the other nations are arguing with God about whether or not the Jews kept the Torah, HaShem says that he will testify on their behalf, and the nations shoot this down, "you are their father, and a father is forebidden from testifying on behalf of his children, as it says in the Bible, ישראל בני בכורי" (Israel is my first born son)

We are all the children of the King, and as such, we also have the right to an audience with him, and to request from him all that we need, just as a child would ask/beg/demand of their father.


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