the generation of our mitzvah

The Noam Elimelech says in his commentary on parashat Noah that noah was a
tzaddik in his generations. Why generations and not generation in the singular?
(he emphasizes that rashi's pshat doesn't answer the plural question)

The explanation he offers goes like this: Each generation is tasked with
performing a particular mitzvah with especially strong emphasis. In each of the
generations in which Noah lived, he would involve himself in the fulfillment of
the appropriate mitzvah. This is the way of tzaddikim, they perform each mitzvah
at its appropriate time, in order to fulfill the will of HaShem.

The Noam Elimelech goes on to explain that in his generation, the mitzvah to
fulfill was tzitzit. But what is it in our day and age? My holy wife suggests
our mitzvah is tefillin. Which might explain why Chabad is out there laying
tefillin on everyone. I have to figure out which rav might know the answer to
this question.. Any ideas would be appreciated..


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