a generation of procrastinators

I used to worry about how we would ever get everything done. The great "mission" we have lying before us. There's so much to do, and so many are so far away. I'm so far away. How can we ever get there?

Anyways, I was talking to my chevrutah last night, and he was talking about how he can't get over procrastinating..I agreed, I'm the same way. But then it hit me. What did I learn from highschool and college? That I could do a semester worth of work in only a week and no one would be the wiser. We are a generation that waits till the last minute, the last second, and then pulls off the greatest comeback victories imaginable. We're all about the comeback.

Now, when I realize how much there is left to do, how far we are from where we need to get, it just makes me smile. Because one minute before the game is called, we're all going to shift into gear and it's going to be the most unbelievably beautiful thing any of us have ever seen.

I have goose bumps.

I think the Vilna Gaon said the whole final endgame will last something like 18 minutes. I never could believe that before, but now it makes perfect sense. It's really exciting, God-willing I'll be there not just to see it, but also to take part.


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