all her pursuers apprehended her between the narrows

this is a passuk from eicha, the sad allegory of the exile of jerusalem. the chasidic masters explain that it secretly refers to the torah: the days between 17 tammuz and 9 av are referred to as 'between the narrows' or 'between the sieges'; during these days, those who strive to obtain torah knowledge will surely apprehend her.

the narrows doubles as a symbol of the birth canal. This month, we pursue the torah through the narrows, only to be born anew. This new creation, this new world, merits a visit from the King himself, who as we know, is in the field next month, Elul. We seek him out in the field and from there we return him to his rightful place on the throne at the beginning of the next month, Tishrei.


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