a brief history of the last year in israel

Israel pulls out of Gush Katif in a bid to minimize confrontations with the palestinians in Gaza. This nearly causes civil war in israel, but the common desire for peace and calm holds everyone together and there is remarkably no conflict during the pull out. People left homes they had lived in for perhaps 20 years. Whole families left behind highly profitable farms that they had developed from nothing. What happened to them? The government screwed them and left them to wander itinerantly, not delivering on any of the promises to take care of them. Many people from Gush Katif are still without homes.

Hamas comes to power in 'palestine.' Somehow, the world accepts the idea of an organization having a 'military wing' which is independent from the 'political wing.' Why doesn't anyone hold people accountable if they claim to be part of the same institution? Anyways, much of the world threatened action if Hamas was allowed to come to power in 'palestine,' Israel included. It's been a few months and everyone seems to have forgotten that 'palestine' is now governed by a terrorist entity.

Hamas kidnaps an Israeli soldier from within Israeli territory. (A whole long story ensues, Israel imprisons Hamas politicians, goes into Gaza in search of the soldier.)

Hizbullah, on the lebanese border, (a little 'ancient' history: Israel pulled out of lebanon 6 yrs ago in order to secure our borders and end conflict that was destroying lebanon and claiming the lives of too many of Israel's soldiers with no end in sight.) decides to get in on the action and attacks (unprovoked) an Israeli border position, again on Israeli soil, and kidnaps two soldiers killing 8 more in the process.

Israel goes into lebanon (full force) to retrieve its soldiers and Hizbullah proceeds to lob more than 1,600 rockets into Israeli population centers.

Someone demands a cease-fire. The rockets stop for one morning, and Israelis are talking about the 'war' being over, giving back some disputed land (shabah farms) to Lebanon, and people tentatively coming out of the shelters they've been hiding in for two weeks.

my summation:
Hizbullah has no intention of doing anything other than what they've been up to so far. They've never claimed anything other than that.

It has been nearly impossible to uproot hizbullah having given them six years to fortify themselves. In that time, iran has supplied them with weapons capable of striking the northern third of our country. The next time they will certainly have the range to reach the center (and most heavily populated part) of our country. [Forget about the fact that Iran will have nuclear capability any day now. Will hizbullah have any compunction against using nuclear weaponry if they already lob thousands of rockets on civillian populations?]

Every time we call a cease-fire with anything less than total annihilation of this terrorist group we are simply delaying our own demise.

Lebanon had six years to remove the hizbullah, they no longer have any right to complain about us doing the job for them. A population that tolerates and supports terrorists should be held accountable themselves.

At what point does a willing human shield cease to be a human shield and simply a different kind of suicide terrorist?


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