some people just don't get blogs..

there seem to be a lot of (ignorant) people who are saying that blogs that don't allow for comments are crushing dialog.. but they miss the point of blogging and all that fancy jargon about the blogosphere semantic web etc etc..
in short, trackbacks are actually better than comments, because all your comments are in your own blog and when you comment on another person's blog post, you get linked to their post.. and so people can see your comments in the two places that may be meaningful.. rather than having a bunch of your comments dispersed out there on the web, all of your own ideas are organized in one place (and hopefully tagged) [feel free to ignore the fact that i don't have trackbacks here, i don't have the time to figure out how to add them and they weren't here by default.. or did i turn them off before i knew what they were? i forget.]


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