Does suicide bombing pay?

This link (from scienceblog) describes a study that states that most of the intifada suicide bombing had no higher strategic motives than revenge for specific events that occurred shortly before the bombing itself.
To my mind, there's two elements to suicide bombing.
what methods were used to perpetrate the bombing, ie. what spin was put on the act itself (to make it socially acceptable), and what story was used to convince the actual person going to blow themselves up. vs. Two: What are the actual motivations behind someone convincing some other (more impressionable) person into blowing themselves up, arming them, and driving them to the detonation site.

Personally I think those that do the convincing stand to gain a lot of power and capital, not to mention a sense of accomplishment from "bringing the zionist state to its knees."
The ones who actually perpetrate the act most likely are doing it for specific revenge. (While under the influence of large quantities of drugs)

Power seems to be the clear motivator behind the people who are empowering the suicide bombers. A kind of gangster/wild-west social-status power which brings the money and followers along with it.


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