touch (6 av 5765)

before we learn or pray we must awaken within ourselves a great desire to cleave to our creator. this awakening of desire is the nature of eliyahu hanavi. when we connect to our creator with this tremendous longing, we reveal the nature of mashiah(moshiach/messiah), from the word mey-siah(communicator). thus, the maor eynayim explains that eliyahu always precedes the meshiah. "behold i send [every moment/constantly] to you eliyahu hanavi." eliyahu is "to YHV", our soul is rooted in the final heh of hashem's name, so eliyahu is bringing our soul "H", back to "YHV" which is the revellation of the geulah (the redemption) every day. (As hazal tell us, "we must keep geulah close to tefillah. we connect first to eliyahu and then to mashiah.)


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