touch (5 av 5765)

a textual discrepancy: moshe says at mt. sinai we didn't see images, even though moshe says we saw images at sinai. rav moshe hayyim luzzato (the ramhal) in his sefer daath tevunoth explains the confusion: prophets, he says, are given insight into hashem through images, but along with the image comes the explanation. part of the hidden explanation, he explains, is that it is obvious that the image is not what hashem looks like, but rather what he wants the prophet to see and understand. there's no confusion that the image might be god's visible form--since there's no such thing. when moshe was telling us about seeing and not seeing images, he was simply reminding us of this phenomenon which we ourselves experienced, so he didn't go into detail.(--but to us who don't remember the revellation at sinai it's confusing.)


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