I see Home

More and more, as I get older and as I continue to think and let my mind grow; As I look deeper into myself, pay more attention to my feelings and my cognitive process, I find things that seem like they have always been a part of me. I find Home. Something so comforting to my being that I know it speaks to my soul deeply. There is one song that speaks to me in such a primal way that it comes from wherever I do. There are some ideas and realities that come from the same place. There is a comfort to even seeing the motion and shape of certain ideas in my mind's eye. Underlying them all is a sort of common movement that describes my deepest self.

When I see what fractals flames have become the movement and images there speak of something similar. Something unifying. something me. It's almost too much to bear, so powerful and so strong a resonance, the only thing I can associate it with is the intense feeling we develop of a Home, a place of complete and total comfort. What I call Home is probably synonymous with the deepest roots of the term Eden. I can't explain it any better than that. It doesn't do anything, doesn't change anything, it's just how certain things in the world make me feel. [It's a sense of unity-of-parts that underlies everything I want, underlies the way everything plays out.]


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