Thunderbird sucks

I've tried and tried to adjust to the Thunderbird world. Even though i think outlook was one of MS's first good pieces of software, i never liked using it. Still, Thunderbird has been nothing but slow, too limited in the functionality it offers and just plain unuseful. There's no ability to autofwd email based on filters.. how is something so basic that it makes its way into gmail missing from Thunderbird?? It was the final straw. No more thunderbird. I'm really happy that Firefox is being pushed and publicized indepedent of Thunderbird because I don't want Firefox to be held back. Firefox is amazing--I have nothing bad to say about it--I love it. (Why can't they fix the pop-under problem??--but at least it's not annoying till you close the firefox window.) I guess open source can't do email well.

Alternately, maybe it's me. Perhaps I have a hate-hate relationship with email in general? Well, i think that was pretty much true until gmail came along--i had basically stopped using email until gmail made me realise it was useful. I just started fwding my work mail to gmail for a backup and so i can access it from home to get things done. Year i think email just makes me feel constrained-- a feeling I get a lot working with any kind of tech in general. Sooner or later i will need to start publishing software/webware that doesn't constrain.


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