“I’m scared to sleep alone. Don’t leave me alone,”

A little girl lost her entire family two days ago. It's so heart-wrenching. How is she expected to go on with her life when all those she loved, and all those who loved her are now gone?

When we are born, our soul is cast out of her Father's home, and clothed in the dark coldness of living flesh. Trapped in the world of lies and darkness she calls out, "I'm scared to sleep alone. Don't leave me alone." Heed her call. You cannot directly save that little girl. Someone will, but she is beyond your grasp, the best you can do is pray for her. But your soul is in the same situation and only you can help her. She is entirely dependent on you. Save her.

Don't become a whole new person, you're already great. Don't despise who you were until today. Just think about her a little, when you are presented with choices, make those that are important to her. Choose kindness over selfishness. Happiness over sadness. Optimism over despair. Show her warmth.

Save her.

Tell her, "You won't sleep alone. I won't leave you. Ever."

If you do, she won't leave you. Ever. After one hunder and twenty years when she is called to return to her Father's house, she will say, "I'm sorry, I can't leave. Ever." And her Father will do what He must. The only way to get His daughter back is to take you too.

That's what it means when we say "Od Avinu Chai, Yaacov Avinu still lives."

[Hinted at in parashath VaYihi, see the Zohar around p.234]


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