we are hallowed skin

The Talmud talks about the passukim in HaShem's tefillin. (HaShem's Tefillin? Yes. Berachot 6a-6b) The Ariz"l says that our tefillin have the same passukim as HaShem's tefillin. This makes it seem like there's a disagreement between the Sages of the Talmud, and the Ariz"l. (Something the Ariz"l wouldn't do, since he came along a thousand and more years after them.)

The answer, (R' Tzvi Hassid of Yampala teaches) is that the Talmud agrees with the Ariz"l and the question in the Talmud was actually, upon which klaf (parchment) are HaShem's tefillin written? The passukim put forward are the klaf, not the passukim written on the klaf. Interesting.

Reb Zusha explains one level further: Bnei Yisrael are the klaf of HaShem's tefillin. So if, Has v'Shalom, The Jewish people were not tzaddikim, then HaShem's tefillin wouldn't be kosher, since tefillin need to be written on kosher klaf. So therefore, clearly, since HaShem's tefillin are (obviously) kosher, Bnei Yisrael are tzaddikim.
[Menorat Zahav (Parashat Bo)]


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